Frequently Asked Dental Questions – Danville, CA

Answering Your Questions Right Away

Finding a dental practice that offers the kind of care you and your family deserve is important. We know you have options, but we want you to feel confident in your decision when choosing a dentist you can trust. This is why we’ve provided the answers to some of the most frequent questions we receive from patients. If you need further information, please contact our office.

Are six-month dental checkups and cleanings necessary?

Yes, seeing your dentist every six months for a regular dental checkup and teeth cleaning is necessary if you want to remain proactive about your oral health. Their instruments and technologies make it possible to eliminate bacteria and hardened plaque and tartar that toothbrushes and dental floss cannot. By entrusting your smile to a qualified expert, you can expect to receive treatment early on should any signs of cavities or gum disease appear.

If I crack a tooth, how soon will I receive treatment?

At Main Street Family Dental Danville, we offer 24/7 emergency care should a dental injury occur. This means that you don’t have to wait until the next day to see us. You can call and alert a member of the team to the severity of the problem. We’ll get to work right away to eliminate the pain and put your smile back on track.

Why are dental implants considered superior to dental bridges and dentures?

Dental implants offer what other tooth replacement solutions do not – replacement of the tooth root. While customized restorations (i.e., crown, bridge, or denture) rest on top of the implant, it is the titanium post that fuses with surrounding tissues to stimulate the bone and prevent shrinkage over time. Also, dental implants can last 30 years or more, while dental bridges and dentures may only last 5-7 years.

Will it hurt to have a tooth extracted?

No, the process of having a tooth extracted will have you receiving local anesthesia and sedation dentistry if preferred. Our team will remove the tooth carefully before packing the wound to ensure it remains protected when returning home. Over time, the anesthesia will wear off, and you can expect some soreness and discomfort; however, this is only temporary and can be remedied with an over-the-counter pain reliever.

Why is a custom athletic mouthguard better than the store-bought kind?

Custom athletic mouthguards are designed to better protect teeth and gums than the store-bought kind simply because they are created using impressions of your or your child’s smile. Those found in sporting goods stores are often of the boil-and-bite variety, which means that unless it is done just as instructed, there’s a good chance it will not fit correctly and become uncomfortable over time.

Will you take my dental insurance?

Yes! We are an insurance-friendly dental practice that works with various dental insurance companies. Because we are in-network, we make it easy to save more each time you arrive for an appointment. Our contractual agreements with these companies ensure that the amount you pay is the lowest possible price when opting for one of the services that are available according to the terms.