Gum Disease Treatment – Danville, CA

Protect Your Smile by Protecting Your Gums

Having gum disease means that the tissues holding your teeth in place have become infected. The condition is more dire than many people think; left alone, it could lead to missing teeth, and it might even contribute to heart problems. As soon as you notice bleeding gums, gum recession, or other worrisome symptoms, get in touch with our Main Street Family Dental Danville team to set up an appointment; we’ll help you figure out whether gum disease treatment in Danville is necessary.

Why Choose Main Street Family Dental Danville for Gum Disease Treatment?

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Symptoms of Gum Disease

Close up of person pointing to red spot in their gums

Some of the warning signs that are commonly attributed to gum disease include bleeding, swelling, soreness, chronic bad breath, an unpleasant taste that won’t go away, discomfort while chewing, and gum recession. That said, sometimes gum disease develops silently, meaning you may not even notice the symptoms at first. Fortunately, our team can check for gum disease during a dental checkup, so don’t forget to visit our office for preventive dental care every six months.

Scaling & Root Planing

Animated dental instrument removing plaque from teeth

A traditional dental cleaning often is not enough to treat more advanced cases of gum disease; in many cases, we’ll need to perform what’s known as a deep cleaning, which involves scaling and root planing. Scaling is the removal of bacteria from the pockets that have formed between the teeth and gums. Meanwhile, root planing is where we smooth out the roots of the teeth; this encourages the reattachment of the gums and helps stop gum disease from growing any worse.